Herond Browser Reband – Embracing a New Identity


The world is constantly evolving, and so should the brands that shape it. Our logo wasn’t just an image, It was the face of our company, a reflection of who we are and where we’re headed. But sometimes, even familiar faces need a refresh to keep pace with the changing times.

While familiar, our previous logo didn’t fully embody our spirit. Our name, Herond, incorporates two elements:

“Heron,” symbolizing the mythical Lạc bird, represents our longing aspiration and the unwavering dream of overcoming challenges. The “D” letter at the end signifies three core values:

  • Data, which we fiercely protect;
  • Decentralization, a principle we tirelessly pursue;
  • and Dreams, the fuel that propels us forward.

That’s why we listened to your feedback, and created a new logo that tells our story better. This new design incorporates elements that represent our roots, values, and ambitions:

  • Infinite Potential: The logo’s overall shape takes after a spinning blackhole, represents a gateway to endless possibilities, reflecting our commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons.
  • A Legacy of Innovation: The star, inspired by the ancient Dong Son bronze drum, is a proud nod to our Vietnamese heritage. It shines brightly, guiding us with hope and optimism.
  • The Herond Takes Flight: Two majestic Herons, standing back-to-back, represent our mission to uplift and inspire. They carry the light of innovation to new heights.
  • Unstoppable Force: The elements come together within a “hurricane” layout, symbolizing our relentless drive and unstoppable power. The Herons tirelessly work together, always striving for more.
  • Our Users at the Core: Nestled within the center, the shining star represents our users and products – safe and secure at the heart of our innovation.

Complementing our primary logo, the Shield and Wallet icons have also been reimagined to resonate with a friendly and distinctly Vietnamese vibe. The Shield now comprises of three bamboo stalks working together forming an aegis, a simple and familiar expression of protection, strength and unity. The Wallet has transformed into a coin pouch. It’s a familiar icon in Eastern culture, setting us apart from the commonplace card motifs.

This new logo is a promise to our users that we’ll always be dedicated to their needs. It’s a celebration of our Vietnamese heritage. And most importantly, it’s a commitment to breaking barriers and setting new standards for the future.

Herond Browser is a Web 3.0 browser that prioritizes users’ privacy by blocking ads, trackers, profiling cookies and other online threats, while offering fast browsing speed and low bandwidth consumption. Herond Browser features two built-in key products:

About Herond Browser

  • Herond Shield: an adblock and privacy protection tool;
  • Herond Wallet: a multi-chain, non-custodial social wallet.

Herond aims at becoming the ultimate Web 2.5 solution that sets the ground to further accelerate the growth of Web 3.0, heading towards the future of mass adoption.

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Herond Browser is a Web browser that prioritizes users’ privacy by blocking ads and trackers, offering fast browsing speed and low bandwidth consumption. Herond Browser aims at further accelerating the growth of Web 3.0, building a safer Web that’s accessible to everyone.