Top 5 Free Private Browsers That Protect Your Privacy in 2024


Continuous advertising disrupting your online entertainment activities? This article will introduce you to 5 best free private browsers in 2024.

Certainly, most people have encountered annoyance at least once while listening to music, surfing the web, watching movies, etc., due to constant interruptions by advertisements. Advertising serves as a significant revenue stream for developers, yet some websites abuse it. Additionally, certain ads may even deliver harmful content, heavily affecting user experience.

Presently, numerous free private browsers have emerged and gained trust among millions of Internet users. So, what are these web browsers? Let’s delve into the top 5 free private browsers of 2024 in the article below.


Herond browser

Herond is a new-generation browser for Web 2.5. Although this free private browser is relatively new to the market, Herond is expected to bring many superior values to web users. Not just a free private browser, Herond is developed specifically for Web3 and DeFi users with the most optimal security features.

Some highlighted features that make this browser stand out:

Improving Adblock Filters

In Herond Browser, Adblock stands out as a key feature thanks to Herond Shield. This protective feature combines the Herond Adblock Filter with popular community lists to keep your browsing experience ad-free. This optimization ensures that Herond Shield stays updated, effectively blocking various types of ads across different websites.

Vertical Tabs Enhancement

Herond optimizes user experience with Tab Groups and Tab Stacks features. With Tab Groups and Tab Stacks, users can efficiently organize their tabs, making it easier to navigate through multiple open tabs. Thus, this feature proves extremely invaluable for multitasking users.

Integrated cryptocurrency wallet

Herond Wallet isn’t just your average wallet; it’s a versatile, non-custodial Web 3 Social Wallet tailored for managing your digital assets effortlessly. Integrated seamlessly into Herond Browser, it aims to enhance accessibility and convenience for users across all websites. More than just a tool, Herond Wallet represents a shift towards a “keyless” future within Herond’s Web 2.5 ecosystem. It’s a multi-party computational wallet designed to unlock the potential of Web 3 for everyone, regardless of technical prowess.

How to download Herond Browser

Herond for Desktop is now available on both MacOS and Windows. The Mobile version is currently under development and will be released in the upcoming months, so stay tuned!

Follow these steps to download and revolutionize your Web browsing experience.

Step 1: Go to;

Step 2: Click Download Herond, then wait for the download to complete;

Step 3: Open the file and follow the installation instructions on your device;

Step 4: Add Herond Browser to Dock (MacOS) or Desktop (Windows) for easy access, then start surfing!

Download herond browser


opera browser

Opera, developed by Opera Software, stands out as one of the premier free private browsers available for Windows users today. Having numerous outstanding features, Opera is designed to enhance the overall user experience and provide incredible browsing privacy.


  • Built-in ad blocker: Opera claims that their ad blocker can block most third-party ads. Moreover, this ad-blocking browser also helps speed up web loading by up to 90%.
  • Built-in VPN: With just one click, you can activate the unlimited VPN integrated into Opera. This built-in VPN provides users with unlimited access, ensuring secure and private browsing experiences with ease.
  • Battery saving mode: Opera automatically adjusts various settings to support battery saving without affecting the browser’s performance. By prioritizing energy efficiency, users can enjoy extended browsing sessions without draining their device’s battery life.


Opera still has some limitations in its Turbo feature. Turbo is a data compression tool that allows less data to be downloaded than usual. Therefore, data usage from the web browser is minimized, and page loading speed increases rapidly. However, this feature only allows data compression when performed on unencrypted websites.


brave browser

In recent years, Brave has become one of the widely used free private browsers. The success of this browser is attributed to its advanced security features. Built on the open-source Chromium, Brave has a relatively fast page loading speed and is completely free to use.


  • User information security feature: Brave automatically blocks ads and trackers from third parties. This means that all information about your web activity will be protected from any third party.
  • Password manager: Brave has a password manager that can upgrade user connections to the secure HTTPS protocol.
  • Brave Search tool: Developed by Brave itself, this search tool allows users to search without leaving any traces.


A major drawback of this browser is auto-completing links of websites with affiliate links. The purpose is to earn commission from completing links. However, this issue is no longer serious as the Brave team has fixed it.


firefox browser

Since its launch in 2004, Firefox has emerged as one of the most widely used free private browsers. As a free and open-source web browser, Firefox is committed to prioritizing user information security at the highest level.


  • High security: Firefox has features to block pop-up windows and protocols to prevent malicious code. Some attached extensions such as NoScript and FlashBlock support executing selective advanced codes.
  • Variety of tools and resources: Firefox offers a personalized experience with various tools including History, Find, Add-ons, etc. And a range of specially designed tools such as Toggle Tools, Network, Style Editor, Web Console, etc., are also integrated. Users can freely customize and use as needed.


Sometimes, users may encounter situations where the accessed website displays errors or does not function correctly. The reason lies in the limited compatibility of Firefox. Additionally, the page loading time is quite slow, which is another downside of this website.


vivaldi browser

Developed in 2016 by the former CEO of Opera, Vivaldi is a relatively new free private browser. Upon its release, this browser attracted a large number of users thanks to its diverse resources and tools. Vivaldi also allows users to use it for free and is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac.


  • High customization ability: Vivaldi allows users to design and personalize their browsing environment according to their preferences and style. With Vivaldi, users have the freedom to create custom themes. Thus, this feature ensures that the browser reflects individual tastes and enhances the overall browsing experience.
  • Allows users to freely customize the interface of the Speed Dial page (Vivaldi’s start page). This means users can arrange and personalize their Speed Dial with their most visited websites, bookmarks, and essential tools, optimizing efficiency and accessibility.
  • “Tab Stack” feature: It enables users to organize multiple tab bars into a single stack. This functionality allows users to neatly group and view all their open minimized windows, providing a streamlined browsing experience. 


Currently, Vivaldi does not offer a mobile-compatible version, limiting its accessibility to users who browse on mobile devices. Additionally, while Vivaldi provides effective ad-blocking capabilities, it tends to consume a significant amount of the user’s device memory (RAM). This factor may influence users who prioritize efficient memory usage in their browsing experience.


In conclusion, we’ve provided an in-depth overview of the top 5 free private browsers available in 2024. Each browser comes with its unique set of features and advantages, catering to different user preferences and browsing habits. We hope this summary helps you in selecting the browser that aligns best with your needs. Thus, you can enjoy a seamless and secure web browsing experience.

Moreover, you can stay updated with Herond for valuable insights and updates on using the web safely and effectively. By following us, you can access timely information and stay informed about the latest advancements and trends in this rapidly evolving space.

Herond Browser
Herond Browser
Herond Browser is a Web browser that prioritizes users’ privacy by blocking ads and trackers, offering fast browsing speed and low bandwidth consumption. Herond Browser aims at further accelerating the growth of Web 3.0, building a safer Web that’s accessible to everyone.