Herond Browser V2.0.28: Better adblock, vertical tabs, and more


Herond Browser recently launched the latest version V2.0.28 for both MacOS and Windows with brand new UI/UX enhancements. Read on to know what we have in store for you!

What’s new?

Adblock filter optimization

Adblock is one of Herond Browser’s most notable features, brought by Herond Shield. The shield operates based on a combination of our own Herond Adblock Filter, plus a set of popular community lists. The optimization ensures Herond Shield stays up-to-date with all types of ads you may find on various sites.

Vertical tabs update

Designed for convenience, Herond Browser upgraded its Vertical Tabs for instant switch and better tab management. Along with Tab Groups, you can now customize your virtual workspace for the best performance.

Customizable new tab

Choose a new color, or set your favorite picture for Herond New Tab. Personalize your Web space for a better browsing experience in just a few clicks.

Viction & VIC support

Viction Chain and its token $VIC are both updated on Herond Wallet, fully supporting the major rebrand of TomoChain.

Download or update Herond Browser now to explore the fullest of V2.0.28.

Tell us what you want!

Herond Browser is here to elevate your Web experience, and we can’t strive for the best without your feedback!

Let us know which features you want next, or report any issue you find through our Development Form here. Your opinions are our greatest motivation to build a safer Web everyday.

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