Herond Browser V2.0.29: SponsorBlock integration


Herond Browser has just been updated to V2.0.29 for both MacOS and Windows. This version includes major enhancements for Herond Shield’s adblock system and browser performance, all for your convenience.

Read on to reveal our exciting new features!

Herond Shield x SponsorBlock

Herond Shield is now stronger than ever with a new friend: SponsorBlock. The two systems combined allows Herond Browser to skip ads automatically, even ones put in the middle of videos!

SponsorBlock has been integrated into Herond V2.0.29 to enhance your experience on the most popular video streaming platform. With SponsorBlock, Herond Browser now automatically skips:

  • Sponsor segments put in the middle of YouTube videos;
  • Lengthy intros and outros;
  • Subscription suggestions and reminders;
  • And so much more to explore…

The integration also provides Herond users full access to more than 15,000,000 skip segments submitted to SponsorBlock. No need to install any extension, just sit back, relax and enjoy a truly ad-free world with us!

Other updates

Chromium update

Version 2.0.29 applied Chromium patch 120.0.6099.62.

Built on the Chromium source code, Herond Browser also keeps its core up-to-date for the best performance. This ensures lightning fast speed and highest compatibility for any extension you may install.

Bug fixes

Major bug fixes were performed in this version, including website display, Herond Account synchronization, Herond Wallet network, price chart, etc.

If you have any questions, feedback, bug report or feature request, feel free to submit a ticket on Herond Community.

Download or update Herond to V2.0.29 at: https://herond.org/ to enjoy the best of Web browsing now!

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