How to Block Ads on Twitch: A Step-by-Step Guide


Twitch is a very popular platform for live streaming in the world. It means that access to Twitch is greatly interesting for video game lovers to approach and join a large and active community to share this hobby. However, ads are an indispensable element of Twitch since it brings great benefits to this channel, streamers and advertisers. As a result, blocking ads on Twitch is the topic that everyone cares most about. This article aims to give you an overall picture of different methods for Twitch adblock as well as provide a Step-by-Step Guide on how to use Herond Browser to block ads on Twitch. Let’s dive in!

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a live streaming platform primarily focused on content related to video games. Moreover, it also expands to some other areas such as content spanning gaming, entertainment, sports, music, and more. 

For more detail, It allows users to broadcast their live video content and viewers to watch, engage, and interact with the streamers in real-time. Twitch has become one of the most popular platforms for live streaming, fostering a large and active community.


Exploring the Different Methods of Ad Blocking on Twitch

Just imagine. While watching your favorite streamers on Twitch, you are interrupted by ads. This is such an irritating experience, which totally dampens your mood or even makes you forget the current citation of the games.

Consequently, we would like to introduce three most recommended ways for Twitch adblock. 

Block Ads on Twitch with Herond Browser on PC

Herond Browser

Herond is an ideal choice to enjoy Twitch using a PC without being interrupted by ads. This is a new Web 2.5 browser, aiming to bring outstanding advantages about information security to web users. Moreover, not only as a browser blocking ads, Herond is also developed for Web3 and DeFi users with innovative features designed for optimal performance and offering a seamless and secure way to explore the web.


  • Block ads, even anti-adblock: Herond can eliminate 100% ads on Twitch bringing you the best entertainment experience ever.
  • Lightning-fast speed: Herond’s web browsing speed can triple usual, helping to save time and increase working efficiency.
  • Easy to use: User-friendly interface with many features for tab management.
  • Zero cost: Herond provides a free version with all basic essential features.

Block ads on Twitch with Adblock Extension


Adblock is one of the most popular features for PC Twitch adblock on browsers. Adblock can be installed in many browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Cốc Cốc and Microsoft Edge. 


  • Zero Cost: Adblock provides free version with many beneficial features
  • Easy to use: The process to install this extension is simple and friendly with all users
  • Compatible to many browsers


The only drawback of this method as of now is that Adblock can lower the web browsing speed, which also impacts the experience when using Twitch.

Twitch Adblock with paid accounts

Twitch turbo

Twitch offers a subscription service called Twitch Turbo. With this offer, subscribers enjoy an ad-free viewing experience, along with additional benefits such as exclusive emotes and chat badges.

Cost: Twitch Turbo is a paid service, and users need to subscribe to it to enjoy ad-free viewing.


  • Ad-free experience: Twitch Turbo can bring smooth streaming watching without being interrupted by ads.
  • Diverse features: Users can enjoy different other features such as Chat Badge, Extended Emoticon Set, Custom Chat Username Colors and Extended Broadcast Storage, which greatly increase the enjoyment on Twitch.


The only drawback of this method is that Twitch Turbo is a paid service, and users need to subscribe to it to enjoy ad-free viewing.

Step-by-Step Guide to Blocking Ads on Twitch Using Herond Browser

Step 1: Download and Install Herond Browser

Herond for Desktop is now available on both MacOS and Windows. The Mobile version is currently under development and will be released in the upcoming months, so stay tuned!

Follow these steps to download and revolutionize your Web browsing experience.

  1. Go to;
  2. Click Download Herond, then wait for the download to complete;
  3. Open the file and follow the installation instructions on your device;
  4. Add Herond Browser to Dock (MacOS) or Desktop (Windows) for easy access, then start surfing!
Download Herond Browser

Step 2: Log in Herond Browser

Start logging in Herond Browser with your email.

Sign in Herond account

After successfully logging in, your browser is ready to use now!

Step 3: Assess to Twitch

Type “Twitch” on the search bar and click enter. It will direct you to the Twitch official website.

Twitch no ads

Step 4: Enjoy using Twitch on Herond with no ads

Now, you can enjoy watching your favorite live-streaming videos on Twitch without being interrupted by ads. Such a very easy method, but much impactful to your entertainment experience. Is that right?

Also, when enjoying Twitch on Herond Browser, you can be assured that your private information will be leaked to any other third parties, which 100% guarantee your privacy.


There are many ways to block ads on Twitch, each of which has both pros and cons. Therefore, it depends on users’ preferences and needs to choose the most appropriate method for them. If you are still wondering about the Twitch adblock method, we recommend that Herond browser is an ideal choice. Protecting privacy is one of the core values that Herond is always heading to. Download Herond right now at: to enjoy free and effective entertainment experience on Youtube.

About Herond Browser

Herond Browser is a Web browser that prioritizes users’ privacy by blocking ads and cookie trackers, while offering fast browsing speed and low bandwidth consumption. Herond Browser features two built-in key products:

  • Herond Shield: an adblock and privacy protection tool;
  • Herond Wallet: a multi-chain, non-custodial social wallet.

Herond aims at becoming the ultimate Web 2.5 solution that sets the ground to further accelerate the growth of Web 3.0, heading towards the future of mass adoption.

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