Is YouTube Premium Worth It? Comparing Ad-Free Experience with Herond shield


Just imagine. You are really excited and focus on watching videos on Youtube, but suddenly an ad pops up and totally destroys your mood. It is such a bad experience, right? That’s why Youtube has created the Youtube Premium service to elevate audiences’ experience, especially for Youtube adblock.

However, it is a paid service, so it raises a great deal of concerns to users that “Is Youtube Premium Worth It?”. In this article, we will go through all of the key features of Youtube Premium and help you to understand why we should invest in Youtube Premium. Moreover, we would like to introduce to you a new method that can not only block ads on Youtube but also protect your privacy data. Are you ready? Let’s explore!

What is Youtube Premium?

YouTube Premium is a subscription service offered by YouTube that provides several additional features and benefits beyond the standard, free YouTube experience.The subscription includes various perks that enhance the overall viewing and listening experience on YouTube.

Understanding the general idea of Youtube, are you curious about specific perks offered by this subscription? Now, we will help you answer this concern. Let’s dive in!

Youtube premium

Key Features of Youtube Premium

Youtube Adblock

Subscribers to YouTube Premium will enjoy an ad-free viewing experience across all videos on the platform. In other words, there will be no interruptions from ads before, during, or after videos. This kind of youtube adblock feature undoubtedly would elevate the watching experience for audiences.

Background Play

YouTube Premium allows users to play videos in the background on their mobile devices. This feature is particularly useful for users who want to listen to music or other content without keeping the YouTube app open.

Offline Downloads

Subscribers can download videos for offline viewing. This is beneficial for users who want to watch videos without an internet connection, such as during travel or in areas with limited connectivity.

YouTube Music Premium

YouTube Premium includes access to YouTube Music Premium, which is a music streaming service. Subscribers can enjoy ad-free music streaming, offline downloads, and background play on YouTube Music.

YouTube Originals

YouTube Premium offers exclusive access to YouTube Originals, which are original series, movies, and documentaries produced by YouTube. Subscribers can enjoy exclusive content created by popular YouTubers and other creators.

YouTube Originals

Access to YouTube Kids

In some regions, YouTube Premium includes access to YouTube Kids Premium, providing an ad-free and child-friendly environment for younger viewers.

Supporting Creators

While YouTube Premium users enjoy an ad-free experience, creators still receive a share of the revenue based on Premium subscriptions. Subscribing to Premium indirectly supports content creators on the platform.

Family Plan

YouTube Premium offers a family plan option, allowing multiple family members to share a single subscription at a lower cost per user. You can refer here for more information on Premium Subscription Plan

Free Trial

YouTube Premium often provides a free trial period for users to experience the premium features before committing to a subscription.

Try Experimental Features

For a limited time, eligible Premium members can try out new features that Youtube is working on, including AI experiments. This kind of thing is like a privilege for Premium users because they can directly contribute to building a better Youtube that fits their needs most by trying out and sharing feedback. However, there will be limitations in joining active experiments at a time varying between subscription plans.

For example, in March 2024, Premium subscribers can try Playables, in which they can play games on Youtube Homepage instantly with no downloads. Then, users can give feedback to help Youtube improve more on their products and have a chance to receive a small gift from Youtube as a thank you.

Try Experimental Features

Is Youtube Premium Worth It?

Whether YouTube Premium is worth it depends on your personal preferences, viewing habits, and priorities. However, based on all the benefits that Youtube Premium can provide audiences, it is worth trying once.

However, to fairly explain, just imagine that you can totally enjoy watching videos without caring about being interrupted by ads. Also, when you would like to listen to videos in the background at the same time surfing other tabs on the phone. In the end, they are all interesting experiences that are worth trying!

Comparing Ad-Free Experience with Herond shield

Besides Youtube Premium providing Youtube adblock feature, we would like to recommend a new but promisingly ideal to have an Ad-free experience on Youtube. The answer is Herond browser.

What is Herond browser? What is Herond shield?

Herond browser is a new Web 3.0 browser, aiming to bring outstanding advantages about information security to web users. With a view to protect users’ privacy, Herond Browser includes built-in privacy features called Herond Shield, that block ads, trackers, and invasive scripts, ensuring your online activities remain private and secure.

Youtube adblock with Herond Shield

Why is Herond Shield a good choice for an ad-free experience?

To understand more about the reasons why Herond Shield should be taken into consideration when choosing an option for ad-free experience, let’s discover the key features that make Herond Shield the go-to choice for secure browsing.

  • Ads and trackers blocking: Herond Shield blocks unwanted ads, pop-ups, and trackers, enhancing your browsing experience and protecting your privacy.
  • Malware and phishing protection: Herond Shield’s advanced algorithms can detect and block malicious websites, send notifications and immediately warn about suspicious websites, ensuring you navigate the web safely.
  • Privacy enhancement: With Herond Shield’s privacy enhancement features, users can enjoy anonymous browsing, prevent data collection, and protect your personal information from being tracked or shared.
  • Anonymous browsing: With seamless integration with the Tor network, users’ online activities are routed through multiple anonymous servers, ensuring maximum privacy and anonymity.
  • Safeguarding your online experience: By leveraging decentralized network architecture, the DVPN shields users’ data from prying eyes, effectively preventing any unauthorized access or tracking attempts.

Youtube Premium and Herond Shield: Which is better?

It is hard to decide which is better because it will depend on everyone’s priorities and preferences. To set side by side, they are different experiences with only one similar feature of ad-free.

On the one hand, taking Youtube Premium, apart from Youtube adblock, users can also enjoy other entertainment features like background plays, offline downloads, Youtube Music Premium, etc. However, Youtube can be assessed on many browsers, which can be the main factor leaking users’ privacy. Therefore, the suggestion on Youtube can also be influenced by all of the search history on that Browser. Moreover, Youtube Premium is a paid service, so it will need money to maintain the Youtube adblock. 

On the other hand, Herond Shield is a feature on Herond browser which can be an optimal method to protect users’ privacy. Therefore, users can enjoy watching videos without ads and also at the same time be assured that your private information will be leaked to any other third parties. Moreover, this method is free, so why not try it?


Decisions on which Youtube adblock method depends on users’ priorities. If you are still wondering about choosing between Youtube Premium and Herond Shield, it is highly recommended to try Herond Shield first because it costs nothing. Then, when you are ready to pay for Youtube Premium, just go for it later.

Protecting privacy is one of the core values that Herond is always heading to. Download Herond right now at to enjoy free and effective entertainment experience on Youtube.

About Herond Browser

Herond Browser is a Web browser that prioritizes users’ privacy by blocking ads and cookie trackers, while offering fast browsing speed and low bandwidth consumption. Herond Browser features two built-in key products:

  • Herond Shield: an adblock and privacy protection tool;
  • Herond Wallet: a multi-chain, non-custodial social wallet.

Herond aims at becoming the ultimate Web 2.5 solution that sets the ground to further accelerate the growth of Web 3.0, heading towards the future of mass adoption.

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