Herond Browser: Ad-free, speed & security for everyone


Herond Browser is a Web 2.5 solution that:

  • Blocks ads, trackers & malwares on all sites;
  • Comes with a multi-chain, non-custodial wallet with social login method;
  • Commits to protecting your personal data forever;

All FOR FREE, no incurring charges.

Eager for details? Let’s dive in!

What is Herond Browser?

Bet you can already tell by the name! Herond Browser is a Web browser with free adblock, offering fast speed, low bandwidth consumption and easy access to Web 3.0. It aims at becoming the ultimate Web 2.5 solution that protects users’ data, while providing utmost privacy and seamless Web 3.0 transition.

What is Web 2.5? Simply said, Web 2.5 is a concept that applies the benefits of Web 3.0, including privacy, security, transparency, and many more, to existing Web 2.0 infrastructure. In this case, Herond Browser is a Web 2.5 solution built to redefine the Browser game: free for everyone, while committed to protecting users’ personal data forever.

Herond browser

Why Herond Browser?

Herond Browser is absolutely FREE to download, NO incurring charges guaranteed, and offers a wide range of notable features that enhances your convenience, including:

Ad block — Yes, including ours!

With the built-in Herond Shield, Herond Browser is able to block ads, cookie trackers and malwares on any website, including social media and video streaming platforms. This ensures an uninterrupted browsing experience across the Web, offering a safe, ad-free & seamless environment for all users. Of course, our ads can also be the last ones you see (If we can convince you to download)!

Learn more about Herond Shield here.

Speed of light

By blocking pop-up ads and background-running cookie trackers, Herond Browser effectively saves a huge amount of bandwidth and RAM memory usage on any device. This means lighter browsing, tested and proven to be 3 times faster than regular browsers, especially if you’re opening multiple tabs on a daily basis.

Multi-device sync for seamless transitions

One account, all benefits — Herond Account helps you save all settings, passwords, and even wallets, to easily sync between different devices any time, anywhere. With social login methods available, transitioning to Herond Browser or switching devices will only be a matter of minutes, or even just seconds.

Convenient digital asset management

Whether you’re a market newbie or a degen, Herond Wallet is taking your Web 3.0 experience to the next level. Built into Herond Browser, Herond Wallet is a multi-chain, non-custodial wallet that features social login, allowing users to import and save all wallets into their accounts. This means:

  • Asset management on both EVM and non-EVM chains, all in one place;
  • Your keys, your coins;
  • Reduced risks of losing or forgetting seed phrases;
  • Instant access to all wallets on any new device, just by logging in.

Learn more about Herond Wallet here.

Sounds ideal? Time to download!

How to download Herond Browser

Herond for Desktop is now available on both MacOS and Windows. The Mobile version is currently under development and will be released in the upcoming months, so stay tuned!

Follow these steps to download and revolutionize your Web browsing experience.

Step 1: Go to https://www.herond.org;

Step 2: Click Download Herond, then wait for the download to complete;

Step 3: Open the file and follow the installation instructions on your device;

Step 4: Add Herond Browser to Dock (MacOS) or Desktop (Windows) for easy access, then start surfing!

Download Herond Browser

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Herond Browser is a Web browser that prioritizes users’ privacy by blocking ads and trackers, offering fast browsing speed and low bandwidth consumption. Herond Browser aims at further accelerating the growth of Web 3.0, building a safer Web that’s accessible to everyone.